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IC News

October 1st, 2022 Something takes hold of those living on the island. A shared vision or dream that seems to shake the core of what they have come to know. A voice within their minds. Those who came here long ago, guided by Maua's voice will remember what it is like but this voice is different and chilling. What will happen to the island?

September 28th, 2022 Ryker Dantanian once again challenges Seneca Miroslav for Andal Oasis. Will another war pop up or have things settled enough that wars don't break out as often?

September 21st, 2022 It seems that the work Maua did to calm the lands worked. A peace seems to have settled over the island and allowed those living upon it to enjoy themselves. It seems that Tiamat has grown tired of it as she challenges Alizabeth for the Lagoon. Has the time of peace ended or will this challenge come and go without a war breaking out?

August 2nd, 2022 After working hard to calm the lands, Maua has gifted the island with two new pride territories that are safe to call home. It doesn't take long for Violarum to disband Firnen Rainforest in favour of claiming Lorien Plains, thereby leaving the jungle open for a new ruler. Maia and Aidoneus quickly move into battle to see who will lead Firnen Rainforest next, while Morrigan longs for something similar to her homeland and heads to Illyria Summit to stake her claim. Will there finally be an era of calm after so much distruction?

July 30th, 2022 The reigning leaders have managed to maintain control of their prides against their would-be usurpers, and it seems as though Maua is working on calming the disasters brought on by the influx of odd weather. What will come next has yet to be determined, including whether or not the lions of Amaryllis will be able to handle another shift in the lands.

July 15th, 2022 While the lands of Amaryllis are still stuggling with weather anomalies and strange phenomenas, some have seen it as a perfect time to try to uproot some longstanding leaders. Leander had challenged Amara for the Bluffs, Vaghan had challenged Roan for the Hollows, and Ryker has challenged Seneca for the Oasis. Will these kings and queens maintain control, or will an influx of new leadership be another thing for the lions of Amaryllis to contend with?

July 1st, 2022 Though it started as a slow and unassuming shift in the air, it soon becomes apparent that something is terribly, terribly wrong within the lands of Amaryllis. Weather anomalies and strange phenomena have begun materializing across the territories, infecting the pride lands and sending the valley into a state of flux and confusion. Who is to say how long it will go on for, or what the reason for such chaos is?

June 6th, 2022 The prides continue to remain in a state of flux as Alizabeth challenges Walpurgis for Scilla Lagoon and the consequences of the war start to become clear.

May 15th, 2022 Seneca is challenged by Violarum for the crown, though manages to remain the leader of Andal Oasis. Not long after, another fight rings out across the island as Cassandra challenges Alaric for Ecrosia Mire. This spirals into a violent clash between the Rike and Sigrún, who are long-time enemies, and leads to a death match between Saga and Erna as war breaks out around them.

April 24th, 2022 As the mist cleared, acidic rainstorms moved in over the rainforest and flooded the lands. The lions of the Rainforest were forced to leave but now the cooler temps have moved the storms out and the lands are open for claiming.

April 15th, 2022 With a few more weeks having gone by, the mist has finally relinquished its hold on the lands of Amaryllis, dissappearing back to wherever it had first come from. As a result, all of the lost lions, who had been so cruelly taken by the mist, are now free - but will things ever truly be the same as they once were?

April 4th, 2022 For a few days now, the mist has started to seem as though it is lifting, with some areas thinning out and hinting that the end may be near. And while some lost lions have miraculously turned up as a result of this, others remain entrenched within the mist, their whereabout unknown and their kin still searching for their safe return. In addition, amongst the chaos, Walpurgis has succeeded in obtaining the crown of Scilla Lagoon, beginning what could be a new era for the coastal pride.

March 29th, 2022 Searches for missing lions prove fruitful for some and not for others. Strange animals are arriving from within the mist and meeting lions for the first time. A strong wave of the mist covered the Lagoon and drove out all the members leaving the once-thriving pride lands ghostly empty.

March 15th, 2022 The mist seems to have developed quite the appetite, as the volume of disappearances becomes clear and the fog overtakes the once-territory of the Lightstone outlaw band, forcing its members to disperse. These realizations have prompted search parties to begin scouring the valley in pursuit of their missing kin, hoping to find them and get them home in one piece.

March 1st, 2022 The shift in the air is noticeable and strong, signalling the arrival of something that is coming their way, and fast. What started out as a normal morning quickly transcended into confusion, as rolling clouds of mist begin to overtake Amaryllis, consuming all in its path and causing the disappearance of lions all across the land. What is going on?

February 17th, 2022 The challenges for Firnen Rainforest, Wolfbron Bluffs, and Vermeda Brook all conclude, with two of the three maintaining their previous rulers while the other faces a regime change. How will the inhabitants of the rainforest take to this usurper? And what will become of Saga Sigrun, who has now killed not one, but two members of the Rike family?

February 8th, 2022 Úlla stands as the winner of the Cove but it seems that her victory is the start in a string of chaos. The rainforest, bluffs, and the brook have all been challenged for. If any pay attention, in the early mornings the haze seems to linger a little bit longer, what could this mean?

February 7th, 2022 Roan remains the leader of the Hollows, and Saga succeeds in killing Eulalia. The recent rains also caused a rock slide in the Cove, and the lions living there were forced to flee to keep from being crushed. While the pride stands empty, Úlla and Keir step-up to fight their way to claiming the sandy territory.

January 29th, 2022 In a sudden shifting of the tides, both a pride challenge and a death match have spurred within the grounds of Obsidian Hollow. Roan and Alaric battle for the throne while Saga and Eulalia fight for their lives, bringing the surmounting tensions between the Sigrun and Rike families to an all-time high.

January 23rd, 2022 The politics and dynamics of the land are shifting following the creation of Amaryllis' first three outlaw bands - Lightstone, Galloway Crew, and Niflheim. It is still too soon to tell what the breadth of their impact will be, but it is evident that change is afoot.

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OOC News

October 1st, 2022 Our October Fun is getting started! Check out what is in plan for the month of October and how you can take part! Our BWP is up! Check out what will be happening!

September 28th, 2022 We have a NPC design and name contest up! Drop your ideas in and get a hint for what is coming!

September 6th, 2022 Site News Day brings a number of adjustments and changes. Meet the new assistant staff, look over a new mutation, some rule changes, and changes to discord. It's a big one!

August 29th, 2022 We have heard from about half of the members on the site for the site survey and we hope to hear from more! The survey is closing out soon so please, if you haven't already take some time to fill it out. It is a big help for the Sr Staff team to know where things are and how we can work on making things better. We want to hear from everyone!

August 1st, 2022 It is time for a site survey! Please take a few moments to give us feedback on some important areas about the community. Thank you all!

August 1st, 2022 We had an incredible last month with the rollout of our BWP, and loved seeing everyone participte and get involved! The BWP is over now, but we have also released a mini site update to iron out a few things - including the introduction of a new PVP level and our two new trades!

July 4th, 2022 With this month's site news comes a variety of different changes and updates to the site, so please take a look. Also, don't forget to make your submissions for our OTM games, as well as our Christmas in July event and Round 2 of the new trade contest!

July 1st, 2022 The posting raffle has concluded, but we are kicking off the month with the announcement of our next BWP -- Nature's Wrath! Take a look because we have some fun stuff in store, as well as some interesting IC developments.

June 25th, 2022 As a reminder, make sure to sign up for the posting raffle and vote in our OTM games and our banner contest! Also note that the July update will be coming out a few days later due to some absences.

June 2nd, 2022 If you didn't already see, we released a mini site update to flesh out and add a few exciting things. We are also holding a posting raffle for the month of June, so make sure to sign-up!

May 28th, 2022 We currently have Staff Applications open, as well as applications to be apart of our BWP Site Team! Take a look, and we welcome everyone to apply if it interests you.

May 6th, 2022 Happy May! We have a important site update that we would like to check out, including two new OOC events! Our banner contest and trade contest are now live, and our IC award contest has been extended for a few more days of voting! The site-wide double exp event has also ended.

April 24th, 2022 Firnen Rainforest has disbanded. It will be open for claiming through our lotto system.

April 15th, 2022 The BWP has officially concluded, but the fun does not end there! If you haven't already, check out and get involved on our site-wide double exp event and our new IC awards contest! And happy Easter weekend, everyone!

April 1st, 2022 There's no April Fools to be had today! Check out the mini update for an overview of some new things, including new pride pages, skins, and more. Please also note that the BWP extension is now active, and will run until the 15th.

March 1st, 2022 The first of the month always comes with exciting things, and today is no exception! We have our site update as well as the launch of our board-wide plot! Please check out both threads. -->

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Crunchy leaves, rain, and cool nights are on the rise as Amaryllis descends into the fall season. The cold is beginning to creep in from the nothern territories, whistling through the trees and mountains along the way, but, in time, will encapsulate the entire peninsula.

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Obsidian Hollow
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Deep within the confines of Amaryllis' cave system resides Obsidian Hollow, a place of secrets and meant only for those of iron-will. Decorated with lava tubes and midnight-colored stones, one wrong turn exploring the vast tunnels can leave one perched upon the pride's doorstep, cloaked in darkness and kisses with the company of cold, damp air. Though unknown for anyone outside of the pride, the hollows are also accessible through a hidden passage on the other side of the mountain, tucked on the edge of the Badlands.


OCT 2nd - Rank shake up! Ranks have been given out/shuffled in the meeting. Avana has also called for a hunt to get her mind off of a nightmare she had. Has anyone else had some strange dreams lately?

OCT 1st - The babies are growing up as majority of the cubs in Obsidian hit their first birthday! Still mind your toes, though, as Asteria and Hiccup's kids have begun to venture about (meaning, they're playable XD)

SEP 26th - A call rings for the Lagoon. Will this be a simple challenge, or will tensions snap along the sidelines?

SEP 19th - Roan decides it's time to catch up with the Mire king.

SEP 15th - It appears Faelyn has been forced into a spar with a member of Lorien Plains. What sort of consequences might this have for future pride relations?

SEP 12th - Talks continue for official alliances with both Firnen and Illyria as Roan learns more about Morrigan's run-in with the Rike.

SEP 5th - Round 2 of the meeting is finally up! Also, we have a lowly donkey wandering through Obsidian. Maybe he'll make waffles in the morning.

AUG 31st - Welcome to Isolda as the newest member of Obsidian!

AUG 24th - News comes to light about Sedona's unfortunate brush with the Bluffs. How will Roan respond to the attack and accusations?

AUG 22nd - Roan has called for a much needed pride meeting! He's also called for a little family get together in order to meet the spirit, Kito, which Obsidian members are not required to attend, but are welcome to join in.

AUG 17th - For once, the world seems calm, but for how long? Unknowingly, Roan has stumbled upon some kin as he meets another Hodari in Maua's passage.

AUG 11th - With Maia's victory in Firnen, we sadly say goodbye to our Tolkien and Casales members. However, it offers Obsidian a new/old ally!

AUG 4th - Our very own Maia has staked a claim for the abandoned Rainforest! Maybe Obsidian will be gaining another ally soon enough. There is also a new pride hunt for the month as Avana has called for everyone to join her take down a giraffe calf.

JUL 31st - Looks like Sedona has gotten herself into a bit of trouble in Wolfbron as Kieran attacks her while trespassing with an Andal lion!

JUL 27th - Obsidian remains under Hodari rule as Roan steps away victorious in his fight against Vaghan!

JUL 21st - A ghost arrives on the Hollow's doorstep, but wait... that's not a ghost. It's Taj! Roan's long lost nephew and Lysander's brother!

JUL 15th - Welcome Oskar to the Hollow as our newest member! And a happy birthday is in order for Tomas, Thrain, and Sedona as they reach their first year, as well as Toblerone for her second birthday!

JUL 12th - So lots of prides are getting challenged for, including our very own! Will Roan be able to successfully defend Obsidian again? Stay tuned!

JUL 9th - With the lands thrown into chaos by the weather, it turns out the Hollow is not immune. Large cracks and lava have appeared in the tunnels, making it harder to get around. Be careful, and watch your step!

JUL 4th - Happy July! We've got a pretty easy pride hunt at our doorstep. Hop in for some easy experience!

JUN 29th - A familiar face arrives on our doorstep as Aarani approaches in search of a home.

JUN 25th - Don't forget we have TWO events going on! Dahlia has called together Obsidian's youth for a little game while Jai decided to throw his father a birthday party!

JUN 19th - Maia has challenged for the empty Noble position with Hrefna wanting to take up the position. Willing to give up her own noble rank, though, Hanneth steps in in hopes to negate the need for a fight at all.

JUN 13th - Please welcome Keir and Vitala to the Hollow as our newest members!

JUN 11th - In an effort to better focus on his family, Jafar will be stepping down as Sovereign. With eyes cast to Faelyn in the hopes that she might be interested in retaking the reign so that Roan won't have to suffer the hardships of leadership alone.

JUN 5th - It would appear that someone has finally decided it is time to challenge Walpurgis for Scilla Lagoon. Wonder how this will go.

MAY 29th - Still, there is war and still we watch and wait. Roan's kids grow more and more with each day, becoming all the more curious and attentive to the outside world. Both pride hunts have been rolled, so make sure to get your exits in!

MAY 22nd - The challenge for Ecrosia might be over with Alaric keeping his crown, but the fight is not yet over! Tons upon tons of fights have broken out with the Sigrun/Rike feud being at the core of its reason. Roan has shown up to investigate the situation further but how will this end? Only with blood.

MAY 17th - Our allies' daughter, Cassandra, calls for the Ecrosian Crown. In her bid to control her future, she unknowingly brings the Sigruns drawn into an enemies current land and war breaks out. How will this end? Only with bloodshed.

MAY 12th - In a surprising turn of events, its the tiny Talitha who wins the fight for Firnen Rainforest. Only time will tell what that means for Amaryllis.

MAY 6th - It looks like Roan has come to a sense of neutrality with Alaric of Ecrosia Mire. Wonder what that means for the Hollow? In other news, the king has also decided to throw together a little party for his sister and step-mother! Feel free to swing by and have some fun!

MAY 1st - With the acidic rains wiping out those that had been there previously (because we're so sad they're gone), two others rise in to claim the green and lush land. A former member of Ecrosia under Jafar and a potential ally should he win and an unknown lioness that raises his claim to turn it into a battle of brawn. Could we gain an ally? Or will their be uncertainty in the future?

APR 25th - Prepare yourselves! The children are playable! In other news, Firnen Rainforest has been overtaken by acidic rains, forcing the pride to disband. We know. So sad. Poor Firnen... Now who's gonna take up the Rainforest next?

APR 20th - What do we have here? It looks like the young stranger-cub, Callan, that was found within the mist has a very tired mother, Lexa, knocking at our door. These are the kind of reunions we long to see!

APR 16th - The mist has finally lifted. Maybe now was can find the rest of our pride. Looks like Juliette has already popped back up on our borders.

APR 10th - Babies galore! Faelyn and Hrefna have both given birth to their litters. Prepare to be overrun by even more cubs!

APR 4th - With Fae taking a break from leadership, it's the perfect opportunity for Jafar to step in to help as Sovereign.

APR 3rd - As the birth of her cubs near, Faelyn has taken a step back from leadership for a little while. In other news, Jai has successfully been found!

MAR 28th - A little bit of belated news, but the Hollow will soon gain a handful of new little members as Faelyn and Roan are expecting their first litter together! In addition, they might have also managed to find their son in the mist (provided the dice gods roll in our favor). And please welcome Lotus's mate, Envy, into Obsidian as our newest member!

MAR 23rd - Well, we found a different Callan. So that's something, but the mist is still holding onto our actual members

MAR 17th - Obsidian is hard at work searching for our lost members. Meanwhile, Jafar, Maia, and their children have shown up at our borders, presumably to find a home among family.

MAR 11th - Unfortunately, the uprising for Ecrosia has failed, leaving Obsidian both without an ally and possibly with some new enemies. On the other hand, relations with Wolfbron might be changing. Also, Hrefna has asked Hanneth to hold a wedding ceremony for her and Lysander now that both of them have come of age!

MAR 7th - The same lion that tried to take away the Hollow has succeeded in challenging for the Mire. The former lions of Ecrosia aren't going down without a fight, though, and Obsidian is poised to aid Keir in the uprising!

MAR 1st - Welcome to March! We have now jumped to pride tier level 3! We got a hard hunt this month as 2 buffalo have wandered into the Hollow. We'll need everyone hopping into that asap especially with our diminished numbers. Speaking of which, the mysterious fog is BACK! And it's snatching up members of the Hollow left and right.

FEB 25th - It seems as though something is stirring within the lands... Calgiula comes bearing news of what might be to come. In the meantime, Toblerone seeks to dethrone the sovereign Faelyn.

FEB 17th - Well, two out of three of the current Amaryllis rulers keep their crowns, but what does this mean now with Zoticus in a place of power again? Meanwhile, Hiccup has started us another hunt for the month, and please welcome Asteria to the pride as our newest member!

FEB 14th - As the challenges go on around us, Obsidian has had some recent visitors show up with intentions to join. Kallan has decided to throw her big brother a birthday party! And our first pride hunt of the month has been a success!

FEB 8th - Pride challenges are like gray hairs. You pluck one only for three more to pop up later. Chaos has erupted across Amaryllis as the Rainforest, the Bluffs, and the Brook all receive challenges to their thrones! Be on your toes everybody! In other news, the Hollow has another ruler as Faelyn is made sovereign alongside her husband!

FEB 3rd - Hey, you know that cub Roan brought home the other day? Well, meet your new overlord as we welcome little Prince Jai into the family!

FEB 1st - Happy February! Please direct your attention to our February hunt, first and foremost. Also, Roan has found an orphaned cub out in the labyrinth.

JAN 30th - Finally, the Hodari get a bit of good luck as Roan steps away victorious from the challenge! Now what's gonna happen with this death match on our doorstep?

JAN 29th - As if the challenge for OH wasn't bad enough, a death match has erupted on the outskirts between Saga Sigrun and a Rike! Be on high alert as we await the results of the pride challenge! Also, Happy Birthday to Toblerone as she enters her new place as a yearling!

JAN 27th - So some stranger has decided to challenge Roan for the Hollow. Well... That's. Fun. At least it's not from within this time, so that's kinda nice.

JAN 25th - Final round of the meeting is up. Feel free to exit if you don't have any questions or things to add. Roan will stick around a little longer just in case. In other news, come cheer on your king as he takes part in the Tournament of Spring!

JAN 24th - Welcome Morana to the pride! Also, Hiccup's hunt has turned out a success which means our pride tier has now jumped up to level 2! Way to go everyone :)

JAN 20th - With Aquila's blessing, Hanneth has officially been released into Obsidian! We are now officially allied with the Brook as well. And since no one answered Lotus' challenge for Lead Fighter, the paladin/assassin will take the rank, but maybe we'll still see some action as Avana offers herself up as a sparring partner.

JAN 16th - Hiccup has called us another hunt! And it looks like Avana's was successful, so be sure to exit for the easy exp. Round 2 of the meeting is up as well. Now is your chance to talk about ranks with Roan. He doesn't know where to put anybody, so tell him what your goals are!

JAN 13th - Welcome Juliette to the pride!

JAN 10th - Unfortunately, we lost the hippos, so don't forget about the other hunt. And if anyone wants to start another for the month, have at it! Also, round 1 of the meeting is up! There is a break for questions before Roan will move on to allies and ranks. And it is with a heavy heart that we announce the loss of Húnn, one of Alva's younger daughters.

JAN 4th - Happy New Year! We've got a lot of things going on. A pair of baby hippos have unfortunately found their way to our doorstep! Let's not let them get away. Roan has also called his first pride meeting since taking over Obsidian. Be sure to attend as ranks are likely to be given out. Also, please welcome Hiccup to the pride as he returns home to the Hollow! Ahead of the meeting, Avana has been promoted to lead huntress and has wasted no time in calling another pride hunt! And we can finally officially welcome Kallan into the pride.

DEC 30th - Sorry about how slow things have been! On the bright side, talk is going well with Maia, so looks like we'll be getting an official alliance with Ecrosia soon enough.

DEC 24th - Nice! We took down a giraffe calf in the latest pride hunt. Elsewhere, Roan has decided it is time to figure out what happened in Vermeda Brook as he seeks an audience with Aquila.

DEC 18th - Things remain kinda quiet on the homefront as talks continue with various leaders and Roan continues to search for his family.

DEC 12th - Hey look! We have our first official alliance, and it's with a rogue band! Obsidian is now allied with the Lightstone Outlaw Band. Also, Alva has called together a new pride hunt, so be sure to help out!

DEC 10th - Official welcome to Lotus, as the last of Roan's first recruits from the claim itself. Also, our first pride hunt was a success! Another will likely be thrown up shortly to get our pride tier moving, so be on the lookout.

DEC 4th - In a hopeful reunion, Roan's nephew, Lysander, arrives on the borders. Meanwhile, Faelyn and Avana have both officially joined following the challenge. Elsewhere, a gazelle has wandered into OH as our first pride hunt!

NOV 29th - Another former member rejoins the Hollow when Tobin steps forward after the challenge has ended. Welcome back! Meanwhile, the borders are already buzzing with visitors when Amara, Maia, and Gawain all request an audience with the new Obsidian ruler.

NOV 27th - In a leap of faith, Roan accepts back two former members of Ulla's reign. Welcome to Alva, as our new Baroness, and her daughter Toblerone!

NOV 25th - Roan Hodari steps away victorious in his fight for the Hollows becoming its newest High Sovereign.

Important Threads

Pride meeting next round up!
pumpkin spice trickery Pride hunt/BWP possibility

Leader Ranks

High Sovereign


Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

High Ranks

Medium Ranks

Occupational Ranks

Lead Hunter

Lead Fighter

Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Lead Medic

Lead Scout

Lead Advisor

Lead Storyteller

Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

Low Ranks


Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none



    All members, upon joining, are expected to know the laws.
  1. All members are expected to pull their own weight and work together within the pride. Have each other's back.
  2. Keep sensitive information about the pride guarded from outsiders.
  3. When recruiting new members, take the time to learn if they will be a good fit for the pride. Do not claim unless it is for the safety of the rogue.
  4. Do not cause problems with other prides unless we are at war with them. Never seek to cause problems with allies.
  5. Other than leadership positions, any empty rank may be challenged for.
  6. Should something happen to Roan that makes him unable to lead, Obsidian will pass to the Heir. In the absence of an heir, or if they do not meet leadership requirements, the pride will pass to the Sovereign.

  7. Rules are subject to change and/or be added or removed without notice. Roan may make more rules as he sees fit.

Pride Relations

Caladan Cove Caladan Cove - Unknown
Scilla Lagoon Scilla Lagoon - Friendly
Andal Oasis Andal Oasis - Unknown
Wolfbron Bluffs Wolfbron Bluffs - Cautious
Vermeda Brook Vermeda Brook - Ally
Firnen Rainforest Firnen Rainforest - Ally
Ecrosia Mire Ecrosia Mire - Neutral
Illyria Summit Illyria Summit - Friendly
Lorien Plains Lorien Plains - Unknown

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Obsidian Hollow History Year 8

September Y8

Obsidian Hollow They Own the Night — Nazonal comes to visit Asteria in a happy little reunion amongst good friends.

Obsidian Hollow Lorien Plains toeing the line — Faelyn is having a lovely time gathering herbs in the Pit when she comes across a member of the Plains who takes offense to her presence. What might come of this encounter?

August Y8

Obsidian Hollow Ecrosia Mire something we can agree on — The newest member of the Hollow, Marja, runs into a Mire lion and they discuss their respective gods. Just when it seems like they might be able to find common ground... a fight breaks out.

July Y8

Obsidian Hollow rise of the silver surfer — A journey up the mountain to the Grotto is made by the Hodari family and those closest to them, to finally meet Kito.

Obsidian Hollow been up and down that road — It's time for a pride meeting! Roan calls the pride together to discuss how things have been going.

Obsidian Hollow Illyria Summit a happy jealousy — Roan travels to the Summit to discuss relations between the prides and chat with some old friends.

June Y8

Obsidian Hollow Echoes of the Past — Ghyslaine comes to Roan about the Rainforest, and brings news of a spirit she had met: Roan's own grandmother, Kito!

May Y8

Obsidian Hollow once upon a time, a year ago... — Maia and Jafar's cubs turn a year old this month! It's time for a celebration!

April Y8

Obsidian HollowEcrosia MireAndal OasisVermeda BrookRogue ♔ until lambs become lions — Vaghan of Ecrosia Mire steps up to challenge Roan for Obsidian Hollow. Can the Hodari defend his title a second time? Only time will tell.

Obsidian Hollow hot winds of death — Thrain gets trapped between some rocks and a hot place! Hopefully someone can help him get out.

March Y8

Obsidian Hollow Come little ones — With so many cubs running around these days, Dahlia has decided to organize a little scavenger hunt for our youngest members!

February Y8

Ecrosia MireVermeda BrookObsidian Hollow my flame is rising higher — It looks to be that someone has finally taken the opportunity to knock at Walpurgis' kingdom and demand that it be theirs! A small rogue lioness intent on taking the loud maroon Queen down a few pegs -- or several -- but only time can tell what this might mean should the roles become reversed.

Obsidian Hollow Birthday Dad — Prince Jai has decided to call the pride together in honor of his father's birthday!

January Y8

Ecrosia MireVermeda BrookObsidian Hollow hell hath no fury like a woman scorned — The war continues; however, it does look like most of the instigation of fights has died down drastically! Many of the Vermedan's have launched into battle to defend the Sigrun against the Rike, Obsidian Hollow (for the most part, sans Hrefna) has decided to be on the defense and to hop in when absolutely necessary! What can come from this in the future, hm?

Obsidian Hollow History Year 7

December Y7

Andal OasisEcrosia Mire get your soldiers — It looks like our neighbors in Andal Oasis and the leader's long standing rule has been challenged by a lion of Ecrosia. What say this to the truce OH has with the Mire? Only time can tell if this will harm or help us but keep your ears a'listenin!

November Y7

Firnen Rainforest claim for firnen rainforest — With the Rainforest falling due to acidic rains wiping the previous occupants (awe, boo ;), two challengers come in to attempt to claim it. A male that Jafar once had within his pride in Ecrosia and an unknown female battle it out for High Sovereign. Who will come out the victor and will they be an ally or an enemy?

October Y7

Caladan CoveObsidian HollowEcrosia MireWolfbron BluffsVermeda BrookRogue البشائر الطيبة — Another Sigrún stronghold falls as an unknown male challenges Ulla for the throne of Caladan Cove.

September Y7

Firnen RainforestRogueObsidian HollowCaladan CoveEcrosia MireWolfbron BluffsAndal OasisVermeda BrookScilla Lagoon heavy rain a holiday — After a strong wave of the mist drives out all the lions of the Lagoon, Walpurgis steps up to try and claim the vacant lands. Ragna Sigrún takes up the challenge, but would fall to the wild woman in the end.

Obsidian Hollow return of the mist - search thread 18 — While on the verge of giving up hope, Roan and Faelyn set out in search of their son again. As a strange bear emerges from the mist, he seems to know something about lions being lost in it. In the end, the bear takes Roan and Fae to Jai's location, finally reuniting the small family!

August Y7

Obsidian Hollow return of the mist - search thread 7
Obsidian Hollow return of the mist - search thread 8
Obsidian HollowRogue return of the mist - search thread 3 — The lions of Obsidian Hollow set out on multiple search missions for their missing members. So far, they've only managed to find a single lion among the mist -- a cub that doesn't even belong to the Hollow.

Obsidian HollowEcrosia MireFirnen RainforestAndal OasisScilla LagoonRogue taking it all for us — Roan, along with other allies and former members of Ecrosia Mire, rallied together behind Keir to try and take back Ecrosia from Alaric. Unfortunately, their uprising fell just short of success.

July Y7

Obsidian Hollow ➳ behind the veil
Obsidian Hollow lured
Caladan CoveRogueObsidian HollowScilla Lagoon arrival of the mist, part one — Just as Caligula had warned, a strange mist has returned to the lands of Amaryllis, except this time, it is not siting by idly. Lions are going missing, including several members of Obsidian!

RogueScilla LagoonObsidian HollowVermeda BrookEcrosia MireCaladan CoveWolfbron BluffsAndal Oasis the bitter taste of the blood on my lips — Alaric Stärke, the same lion who had challenged Roan for Obsidian a couple months ago, challenges again, though this time it is for Ecrosia, and this time, he is successful.

Vermeda BrookObsidian Hollow gladiator in arena consilium capit — Caligula comes bearing news of strange occurrences, as a warning that something might soon be coming. What could be happening to Amaryllis?

June Y7

Firnen RainforestVermeda BrookObsidian HollowWolfbron BluffsRogue 0 days since last incident — Walpurgis de Pardes, of Firnen Rainforest, challenges Aquila Valour for Vermeda Brook. As a show of support, Roan calls for the Hollow to show up as back up in case anything nefarious erupts again. Luckily, Aquila successfully defends against the challenge, keeping the Brook once again.

Caladan CoveScilla LagoonAndal OasisWolfbron BluffsFirnen RainforestEcrosia MireRogue Building blocks

Andal OasisWolfbron BluffsScilla LagoonObsidian HollowRogue TO EARN A NAME, — Firnen Rainforest and Wolfbron Bluffs get challenged for at the same time. While Amara manages to defend her place in Wolfbron, Zoticus manages to unseat Roarke as the new Rainforest ruler.

May Y7

Obsidian HollowCaladan CoveScilla LagoonAndal OasisWolfbron BluffsVermeda BrookFirnen RainforestEcrosia MireRogue Pride Claim of Caladan Cove — A rockslide causes the disbanding of Caladan Cove. Ulla Sigrun and Keir Khulani fight over the vacant lands with the Sigrun coming out on top.

Obsidian HollowCaladan CoveScilla LagoonAndal OasisWolfbron BluffsVermeda BrookFirnen RainforestEcrosia MireRogue i'm ready for the fight, and fate — In a secret plot to aid the Rike family, Alaric, of Andal Oasis, challenges Roan for Obsidian Hollow. After a brutal fight, the Hodari manages to retain his leadership. On the sidelines, however, a death match has erupted between Saga Sigrun and Eulalia Rike!

April Y7

Obsidian HollowCaladan CoveScilla LagoonAndal OasisWolfbron BluffsVermeda BrookFirnen RainforestEcrosia MireRogue Tournament of Spring — Arjana of Firnen Rainforest has organized a tournament to span across all of Amaryllis's inhabitants. Roan is the only to partake from Obsidian, curious to see how he might fare against the fighters of the lands.

Obsidian HollowRogue one two three almost gone — On her first trip to the passage since becoming Obsidian's Noble, Hanneth finds an old friend to bring home. Morana Zero joins the Hollow.

March Y7

Obsidian HollowVermeda Brook bunch of ragtag cave dwellers — For the first time since taking over, Roan calls together the pride for his first pride meeting!

Obsidian Hollow ➳ homecoming — Former member under Ulla's reign, Hiccup arrives at Obsidian to investigate the new ruler. In the end, the yearling decides to return home and rejoin the Hollow.

February Y7

Obsidian HollowEcrosia Mire family want for nothing — Roan's cousin Maia arrives to speak to the new High Sovereign unaware that it was the Hodari. Being family makes it easy to create an alliance between Obsidian and Ecrosia.

Obsidian Hollow I love to be dramatic — Alva arrives back to Obsidian Hollow after having given birth to two healthy daughters. She brings word of her betrothed's well-being while seeking for her daughters to join their new home.

January Y7

Obsidian HollowRogue A Paper Shield and a Wooden sword — Gawain, of the Lightstone Outlaw Band, arrives to investigate the new leadership of the Hollow. He and Roan share many similar beliefs and objectives and come to form an alliance between their prides.

Obsidian Hollow History Year 6

December Y6

Obsidian Hollow Caladan Cove Scilla Lagoon Andal Oasis Wolfbron Bluffs Vermeda Brook Firnen Rainforest Ecrosia Mire what do now? — he pride is abandoned after rogues invade the Hollow, leaving way for Keir to try to claim it. Roan Hodari steps up to challenge the claim and ultimately wins the fight for the Obsidian Crown, becoming its newest High Sovereign.

TRAVELIN' FAR FROM HOME — A trespasser arrives on the Hollows border asking for one of Ulla's kin!

November Y6

THIEF IN THE NIGHT — Vermeda Brook is being challenged for the first time since its creation. As its ally, Ulla decides she will do whatever she can should the Brook fall into the paws of the challenger.

October Y6

PRIDE CLAIM OF ECROSIA MIRE — Ulla's sister Saga and a rogue male named Jafar fights for the throne of the Mire. As one of the challenger is family, Ulla decides to attend and learn the outcome.

THE MOON AND HER SEA — Ulla has called for the pride for their first ever pride meeting!

TILL DEATH DO US PART — Zoticus calls for a death match against Vermier Dieudonné! Úlla arrives to silently cheer her noble on.

September Y6

THE SEA & THE WOLVES — Úlla pays a visit to Caladan Cove hoping to gain a new ally!

August Y6

LA MITRAILLEUSE FAIT DE L'ORDRE — Vermier challenges Zoticus for Wolfbron! Ulla and her family are present to watch the battle unfold

July Y6

HEAVY IS THE CROWN — Ulla goes to the Oasis to seek an alliance with the newly anointed High Sovereign

WEARY PAWS, WARM HEARTS — Faevyre brings Hiccup back to the Hollows to give the boy a new home.

MOM — Myrkvi comes back home to the Hollows after visiting the Lagoon.

FORGET ME NOT — Nadia pays a final visit to Elijah before he leaves the Hollows, offering him a small parting gift to take with him.

CALL IT SINGING — Elijah hangs around the Hollows for just a little while longer after Nadia's win in order to patch Úlla up, for funsies he brings young Wisteria with him for a healing lesson!

June Y6

HELLFIRE & HOLY WATER — In an attempt to keep the Hollows in Sigrun control Nadia calls out a challenge.

HOMECOMING — While Úlla had been successful in taking Scilla Lagoon from Vermier, she was unable to defend herself against the uprising that followed. She returns to the Hollows, and to her brother.

TIME TO DO SOME SKETCHY SHIT — Another dominance battle between High Sovereign Aquila of Andal Oasis and High Sovereign Sangria of Firnen Rainforest turns deadly. Sangria herself and Aquila's heir Valhalla perish in the ensuing chaos, leaving both the Oasis and the Rainforest in tatters. On top of that, tensions between Wolfbron and Ecrosia reach boiling point and war begins. As staunch allies of both sides, Magnus commands his forces to remain neutral and not intervene.

IT'S MY PARTY AND I'LL [REDACTED] — Obsidian has been invited to the birthday celebrations of the eldest of Ecrosia Mire's royal brood. Behind the scenes, two sets of scheming parents plot for a Hodari/Sigrún betrothal in the form of Lysander and Hrefna.

May Y6

DEVIL IN THE DEEP BLUE — Úlla raises a challenge for the Lagoon, and in the fray both Ragna and Nadia are caught in minor maim matches on the sidelines.

MUD AND BLOOD — Thanks to Úlla's reckless behaviour in the Passage, Obsidian finds itself teetering closer to tensions with Valour-controlled Andal Oasis. Given the Hollows strong relationship with Nymeria and Vermeda, Magnus will be doing what he can to prevent any further souring. Regardless of how it goes, someone is destined to be unhappy.

THIS RELATION — In the midst of political uncertainty, Aquila visits with Magnus to determine how the Oasis and the Hollows stand with one another.

MAKE IT NICE — After Avaneira dethrones Drakon, Magnus — conflicted; troubled by his recent lamentations — makes a trip to the Cove to meet with the Greyflood sisters.

April Y6

WE'RE STUCK WHERE WE ARE WITH NO HOUSE, NO CAR — With the sudden absence of Walthari, the Huntington cubs grow restless. Desperate for clarity — and an aunt they'd only heard stories of — the trio seek to escape the Hollows.

PEARL DIVER — Saga raises a challenge for Brigid's position as Gentry.

March Y6

THE GATHERING DARK — Voluspa and Myrkvi greet our newest visitor; unbeknownst to them the woman is their aunt, Úlla.

February Y6

WHO TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS?! — The two royal princes go toe to toe with a stranger in hopes of getting him out of the territory.

IN THE MEANTIME — Hrefna and Rasmus spend some quality time together, but will these two royal cubs end up in trouble like usual .. that's the REAL question.

January Y6

CASUAL CONVERSATIONS — Nadia calls for Crixus to see how the man is settling into the caverns, and also to find out the whereabouts of his companion Pandorra.

NOONE LOVE YOU — Walthari is frantically searching for Sidonie and Nadia has managed to cross paths with him, will the two manage to find her or will there be a bigger problem on their hands?

WE'VE GOT A DEAL TO MAKE — The Cove leaders have arrived on our doorstep but what will come of this visit?

WHO NEEDS A REASON FOR BETRAYAL? — Someone seems interested in our caches; too interested....

Obsidian Hollow History Year 5

December Y5

EYE OF THE TIGER MUSIC INTENSIFIES — High Sovereign Oberon invites the Hollows to attend a training event in the Lagoon given the recent IC attacks, hopefully everyone will gain something useful out of it!

READY / AIM / FIRE — High Sovereign Oberon returns to Obsidian Hollow to give Magnus important information on the attacks; more specifically, a name.

WAY TOO LONG — Having learned of the violent unrest on the shoreline, Magnus pays Jewel a visit, only to discover that she has personally been a victim. Paranoia threatens to stir beneath a usually composed façade.

November Y5

DANGER! DANGER! — Oberon has arrived at the border to inform Magnus of a series of random attacks on the coast.... what could this mean for the lions of Obsidian?

THE DEVIL IS A DOOR DOWN — There is a stranger at the border with connections to our Sovereign — who is he?

October Y5

MARCHING BANDS OF MANHATTAN — High Sovereign Ashelia of the Oasis pays a visit, not only to catch up with the Hollows Sovereign but to talk politics as well.

BALLAD OF MR JONES — A party of higher ranking Hollows members head to Ecrosia Mire to instigate talks with the newly crowned High Sovereign Kiton.

I DON'T NEED A MAN I NEED A PUPPY — A party of five at pride borders attracts substantial attention, and provides a rewarding recruitment opportunity.

September Y5

TELL IT TO THE MOUNTAIN — Magnus and Desdemona get themselves into a worrying situation in the Tundra....

STORM CLOUDS — Magnus learns that Kimagure Stagner, High Sovereign of Firnen Rainforest and ally of the Hollows, has died in a hunting accident.

August Y5

WATERMELON SUGAR — The royal babies have been born!

STREET BRAWLERS — Magnus and Morrigan host a tournament to test the battle skills — and the ambition — of the rest of the pride.

BREAKING BREAD BETWEEN FRIENDS — It's party time! Amidst the growing tensions in Amaryllis, Magnus and the pride attend a feast hosted by Jewel of Caladan Cove.

July Y5

ROCK AND A HARD PLACE — Magnus and Desdemona head North to pay a visit to Wolfbron Bluffs.

June Y5

POLITICAL PROGRESS — High Sovereign Pistis of Scilla Lagoon pays a visit.

FAMILY TRADITION — Avdotya returns from her expedition past Maua's Passage with good news for both Magnus and the Hollows.

ELEGANT POWER — Another royal guest graces our borders; High Sovereign Viné is eager to seek counsel, and an alliance, with Magnus.

THE BANDIT — Gwyn is unhappy with how Magnus behaved at his wife's challenged. Magnus doesn't care. A brawl ensues; Magnus wins. Just another day at the office!

May Y5

NEXT OF KIN — Diuris of Scilla Lagoon vanishes. In the chaos and inevitable pride challenge that follows, Magnus manages to step on some toes and save a life in the space of about ten minutes. Nice one!

THE WAKING, THE RISING — High Sovereign Nymeria graces the Hollow's borders with gifts; Magnus sees an opportunity to forge another advantageous friendship.

WE'RE GOOD — Magnus and Zulema travel to Firnen Rainforest, where they meet with High Sovereign Kimagure to discuss relations between the two prides.

April Y5

POUR MY SPIRITS IN THINE EAR — Avdotya brings the findings of her expedition East back to the Hollows.

POCKETS FILLED WITH RIVER SILT — Magnus has dealings with another hopeful seeking respite under his roof; Halimede seems starkly different to him, but that does not rule her out entirely.

STRENGTH CALLS TO STRENGTH — After rubbing the Hollows High Sovereign up the wrong way, and subsequently ruining any chances of getting the invitation she sought, rogue lioness Viper is put in her place and sent packing.

ROCKY START — Jewel, High Sovereign of Caladan Cove, is the next to pay Magnus a visit. It remains to be seen whether pleasantries and small talk — both things that the titan struggle with — will pave the way for a more permanent and beneficial arrangement.

KNOCK KNOCK, ANYONE HOME? — Accompanied by a familiar face to the maneless King, High Sovereign Vasilis of Scilla Lagoon comes calling with the intention of forging positive relations with Obsidian Hollow.

March Y5

STARS TO YOUR FIRES — Avdotya Rurik seeks audience with Magnus, and the resulting conversation culminates in her acceptance into the ranks.

SURRENDER TO THE DRAGONS — In the absence of one previous King, and after successfully fighting off the other, Magnus is victorious in taking the crown and claiming the Hollows as his own.

February Y5

FOR THE LOVE OF MY LIFE — Gwyn gets into hot water with the father of an errant child.

January Y5

INHERIT THE EARTH — Genya, a rogue pregnant lioness, claims the Hollow. Gwyn Casimir, from an older line of Casimir challenges her and wins.

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